These restrictions need to be enforced for the safety of your child.
We ask for parent/caregiver support in helping to maintain discipline. We do not provide supervision outside the gymnasium, and ask parents’/caregivers’ assistance in supervising the arrival and collection of children at the gym. We suggest that children are collected from inside the building at the end of each session.

  • No children are to arrive more than five minutes before a session unless they are supervised by their parent or guardian.
  • Prior to the commencement of a session we ask that all children sit quietly at the side of the hall, and remain with the class at the end of the session to receive notices.
  • Children are not to play on equipment prior to a session, during the warm-up or at any time when the equipment is not supervised.
  • Balls are only to be used as part of a supervised activity within a session, and are not to be taken out of the hall.
  • No running in the hall, except as part of an activity.
  • Children are not to use the telephone without first asking permission of a coach.
  • The upstairs area of the hall (mezzanine floor) is out of bounds to everyone.
  • Only the toilets opposite the entrance to the main hall are to be used, where reasonable supervision is available.
  • Food is not to be consumed in the foyer. Children may only eat while seated at the side of the hall. Chewing gum is BANNED anywhere inside the building.
  • Parents are to encourage their children to be tidy and place all rubbish in the bins supplied, as the hall must be left cleaned and tidy at the conclusion of the final session.