Team Gym

TeamGym is an exciting style of group performance, recommended for participants aged 8 years and over. It is based on the popular international European TeamGym competition and encourages teamwork, creativity, originality and showmanship to provide the audience with an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic performance.

There are three apparatus at TeamGym competitions:

  • Floor work incorporates dance, sports acrobatics, aerobics and tumbling elements to be rhythmic and entertaining while demonstrating co-ordination, balance, statics, flexibility and strength.
  • Tumbling relies on good teamwork for synchronicity and uniformity while demonstrating an athlete’s tumbling abilities
  • Vault and Mini-Tramps rely on good teamwork for uniformity and synchronicity while demonstrating an athlete’s vaulting and mini-tramping abilities


Teams of up to 12 gymnasts can enter one of the following divisions, Open Novice, Open Senior, Junior, Intermediate or Advanced. All team members must perform on the floor and on all other apparatus only a minimum of six needs to be performing at any one time. Divisions are based on overall team ability and capability not individual age and experience.

For your child to be considered for TeamGym, you and your child would need to agree to the following:

  • Your child will attend all TeamGym and Recreational sessions. If there is some reason why your child cannot attend a session, you will agree to contact the coach to explain why. Because this is a team sport, it is very hard to practice certain requirements if one of the team members is absent. Synchronicity plays a very large part of TeamGym and it is very difficult to get the gymnasts synchronized if team members are absent.
  • Your child must be available for all competitions.
  • Your child must take some responsibility for maintaining fitness at home.
  • All fees, costuming expenses and competition entry fees are paid when due.

If a coach is of the opinion that a gymnast would be an ideal TeamGym member, the coach will then make contact with the TeamGym Manager who will arrange to visit the gymnast’s session to assess the gymnast’s skill level. We will then discuss this gymnast with other TeamGym coaches and will check the roll book looking for a near perfect attendance record.

Ability is only one of the components that make up a great TeamGym member, a positive can do attitude is just as important.